Sunday, 27 August 2017

Nawar Hussein and the Value of Money

It can easily be proven that Nawar Hussein has made a lot of people a great deal of money. He has done this on his own, as an individual investment specialist, but also through the firm he founded, Riereta Equity Group. Along the way, Nawar has accumulated a significant network of resources that help him bring the highest level of service for his clients. After all, they don’t hire him or his firm to get run-of-the mill financial and investment services. 

Because he works so hard to be counted among the best real estate investment professionals in Spain and the world, it isn’t often that Nawar Hussein has free time, but when he does, he indulges his passions as a philanthropist, especially in his role as a supporter and protector of the arts. That is because Nawar Hussein believes strongly that giving back to the community is essential for anyone who has benefited from community support. He approaches his philanthropy much the same as he approaches his business, however; he isn’t the type to simply write a check; he also likes to get personally involved, which means he does a lot of the work himself.